Losing You

I’m screaming your name,
Watching you drift away,
Hands and knees, melting into
mud and skin becoming stained,
Nails clawing into the ground,
like that will bring you back.

Wait, careful!
Stop getting so close to the edge,
You’ll tip over soon!
But you’re too busy talking, saying
your goodbyes and farewells,
your final wishes of comfort.

Leave me in a world of grey and black,
white has no more place in my life
as purity and innocence no longer exists
in a world that knows of death and destruction
and of that which takes mothers from children
despite their pleas to Other Worldly Figures.

Eyes are closing, I can’t bear to watch,
To witness you departing this world,
leaving me alone and cold and
defenceless to the roar of the creature
that will take you to an early, watery grave
with whispers of love upon your lips.

But when my eyes open again,
wide and frantically searching
for you and any sign of you being alive
I find myself no longer with hands in
frozen icicles of mud or tattered clothing
but warm and comfortable at home

In bed with duvets tangled between legs,
and hands clenched around pillow.
But…it was my imagination playing tricks
and fears making the impossible happen,
But whilst you still remain, here and alive,
So do the tears, dried and staining my cheeks

Reminding me of what it would be like,
How it would feel,
What it would be like.


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