The Welsh Artist and Their Canvas

The Artist got their colours wrong,
murky browns instead of blue with these
rolling hills and distant fields,
mirroring the ocean waves
and with grey instead of blue,
the sky has become a misery.

Now Artist! You may do as you may please,
But don’t let this piece go to waste.
Bring in the dragon and magic of nature.
The serenade of bird song,
Orchestrated by the wind
Conducted by the swaying tree branches
Watched on by the sun and stars and moon.

Learn courage and bravery from the Dragon,
Dance and play with the Gwyllion,
But avoid the rings of the Tylwyth Teg
And don’t stray into the path of Gwyllgi.

The Artist cannot save you then,
Creations never stay under the command
of the Creator forever, and this Artist’s
brush has given new life to a manner of creatures,
And the myths will use this grey light,
These waves of dun,
it is their playground and they know it well,
all the nooks and all the crannies.

I am the Artist
I do as I may please…
And my Art and my Creatures…?
Pray you’ll never truly meet.


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